Stocking Stuff: Powerskin

If you are a gamer, and you like to go mobile with your IOS, Blackberry, or Android phone, you'll want to take a look at Powerskin. It not only protects you device, but it makes the handheld gaming experience more exciting and longer lasting. Two gaming buttons, one on either end control the action.

It makes it more exciting because it shakes, rumbles, and vibrates to give extra stimulus while playing a game. It is also configured to give you a better grip while playing. You can also plug headphones or external speakers into its 3.5 mm jack. The unit has two volume control buttons and a power switch.

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It makes it longer lasting because it will extend the playing time with its powerful 2050 mAh battery that will charge your device. Playing time can last up to ten hours between charges. Charging is accomplished with a mini USB cable that can plug into a computer port, car charger, or an AC wall charger.

There are several Powerskin models. There is a model for iPhone and iPod touch. But when you use it with the iPod touch, you will have to shim it into the case because an iPod is not as long as an iPhone. I used a rubber band, and it worked just fine.

Powerskins are also available for select models of Android phones made by HTC, Motorola, Samsung, Blackberry, and the Nintendo 3DS.

Some models come with a kickstand. A series of 4 blue lights indicates the power level on most models, but not on the unit I received. You should charge it for 5 hours before using it the first time.

As a protective skin for your pocket pal, it does a good job and it's lightweight. But is will add a couple of inches to the length and a bit of girth. As a gaming enhancement tool, it is nonpareil.

The list price that came with my media kit was $99.99. But I have seen Powerskins for as low as $44, which seems more reasonable. 

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