Want to Watch Over Baby From Your iPhone? You Can with Smart Baby Monitor

I haven’t had much experience with baby monitors, but the Withings Smart Baby Monitor ($249.95) rules. It folds into a compact, portable package and hooks up to an iPod, iPhone, iPad, or Android device so you can view remotely from anywhere with WiFi, Bluetooth, or Ethernet cable connectivity.

In my limited experience, a baby monitor allows you to hear what's going on in baby's room so you can give the child immediate attention when needed. But this baby does way more.

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It has a high resolution video camera with a wide angle lens, night vision, and 4x zoom. Virtual PTZ technology allows you to pan, tilt, and zoom around the nursery. It has temperature and humidity sensors and high quality audio sensors. The multicolor night light lets you change the mood of the room. It also has a microphone so you can sing, play lullabies, or talk to the baby. It has four different alert modes.

A free app drives the monitor and comes with a free, secure account online. To see the monitor in action, check it out here or watch below.

You can probably think of other applications for this incredible device as well. You could use it as a security camera to alert you when an intruder enters your home. You could even yell at him and tell him you’ve already called the cops, and you have his mug shot recorded. Or you could sing him a lullaby until the cops come.

I would think this monitor would be a godsend in nursing homes or when giving care to a handicapped individual.

It might also come in handy for monitoring babysitters. What about using it when you go on vacation to make sure the kids aren't having a huge party in your house like I used to do when my parents went out of town?

I intend to mount it near my bird feeder to see what the little critters are up to when I can’t be there.

The suggested retail price is $249, which seems to me a small price to pay for the peace of mind it affords. But you may want more than one considering all of its practical uses.

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