Slickwraps Case for iPhone 5

If you are looking for a sleek case that does not turn your iPhone into an 800-pound gorilla, Slickwrap's The Case ($34.95) is for you.

Slickwraps announced The Case as its first ever hard shell case.  The Case combines the elements of a hard case with the customization of Slickwraps skins. It comes in pieces with self-adhesive backing. You simply stick the pieces where they belong on the phone. If you goof up putting it on, no worries. Just peel it off and re-place it carefully on the phone. If the material gets dirty, you can peel it off and wash it with tap water and re-install it.

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The Case also comes with a screen protector, a squeegee for getting the air bubbles out of the screen protector on your screen, and a specially treated cleaning cloth.

Easy Installation

To install a Slickwrap, follow the instructions in the video below.

I tried it, and the installation went very smoothly. The pieces are precision cut and fit over the phone perfectly.

The carbon fiber used for Slickwraps is tough and durable, giving your phone a sleek look and ample protection at the same time. Textured rubber sides offers further protection and better grip so the phone doesn’t slip.

Slickwraps come in an array of colors including black, white, red, blue, pink, green, orange, dark pink, yellow, light orange, glitz pink, and glow series blue. There is enough variety to make almost anyone happy. One could even get several cases in various colors to coordinate with outfits and décor as you would a pair of shoes and other accessories.

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