Singing the Praises of RoboForm


If ever there were a piece of software that I could never do without it's RoboForm. I've been using RoboForm now for at least five years, and I cannot even imagine life without it. RoboForm is a secure login data manager. It will save you untold hours of time each month and make your online experience a pleasure with one click logons.

Not only does it automatically log you on to your accounts, it will also complete forms for you with whatever information you ask it to store such as contact information, social security, bank account information and whatever else you make available to it. You can store multiple profiles for form filling if you wish.

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With RoboForm, you no longer have to worry about trying to remember passwords or looking them up or storing them securely. RoboForm stores all your logon info in one place and makes it easily accessible on all your devices on all platforms. And, it automatically keeps the data synchronized.

Another thing I find handy is that you can keep notes associated with each passcard. This is a nice feature as you can note when you called for tech support or made a payment or whatever action you want to memorialize.

Safenotes are another valuable feature where you can store sensitive information such as account numbers for bank accounts, credit cards, and insurance policies or anything for safe storage and easy retrieval as a note card, which is double password protected. With this aspect of Robocard, secure wallets are pretty much obviated and can be eliminated from your must have list saving additional expense.

When you install RoboForm desktop version, it will create a tool bar that allows you to search for your desired content in the database, bookmarks, profiles, save settings, generate passwords, and sync data among devices and platforms.

There are several flavors of RoboForm available. The standard RoboForm desktop version is good for one computer with a onetime fee of $29.95. It is available for both PCs and Mac. For $39.95 you can purchase Roboform2Go that comes on a USB thumb drive that you can plug in to any computer at home or away. The best value, however, is RoboForm Everywhere for only $19.95. But you only have to pay $9.95 the first year, but you must renew it every year if you wish to continue your subscription.

What about security? RoboForm allows your choice of several powerful encryption algorithms including AES, 3DES, and Blowfish. This is further protected by a master password. RoboForm offers a password generator too that will create codes up to 512 characters long for additional security.

If you want to protect your sensitive data, store it in one place for easy retrieval, fill in forms, and automatically log into sites with one click, RoboForm is a must-have in your computer arsenal. If you want to save yourself oodles of time and frustration RoboForm will be your savior.

Without doubt, RoboForm is the single most indispensible computer tool you can have. Install in on your desktop, tablet, laptop, netbook, and Smartphone. Synchronize them all. Access your logon data and safenotes at home or on the road. To get your copy, go here for a free trial. I am confident though that you will soon agree that you cannot live without this lifesaving, timesaving, indispensible, heavy duty bag of tricks. 

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