Protect Your Assets from EMF with The DefenderPad

If you have any concern about radiation from your iOS devices or laptops, the solution The DefenderPad ($89.99) is your solution. It also will shield you from heat created by laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The DefenderPad blocks 100 percent of all potentially harmful electromagnetic Radiation (EMR).

This FCC-Certified and lab-tested product virtually eliminates extremely low frequency (ELF) radiation, radio frequency (RF) radiation, EMR radiation, and heat radiation with unparalleled thermal resistance. 

It also protects against fertility issues, DNA fragmentation, toasted skin syndrome, skin burns, and rashes. (I gave one to my son in the hope of having some more grandchildren!)

It makes a stable, ample work surface on which you can rest your laptop with confidence measuring 15.8 x 11 x .25 inches. This laptop defender is ideal for students, businesspeople, and frequent travelers working at home or on the go,and it’s small enough to fit in a travel bag.

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