Quadlock Mounting System


As a recumbent bike rider, I am always on the lookout for a foolproof mounting system for GPS, MP3, and Smartphone devices. Too many times I have hit a bump only to have one or more of my devices go flying, usually to its ultimate demise. Well, I have found a great solution in the form of Quadlock by Annex of Australia. Unfortunately, it only works with iPhones and iPod touch.

The kit comes with four pieces. The main device holder is made of sturdy black plastic into which the iPhone or iPod touch snaps securely. And, when I say securely, I mean securely. It is difficult to pry out the device with a crowbar. So, it's not likely that it will pop out when you hit a bump.

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Not to worry though. It is a simple process to extract your device from the holder using the technique described in the brochure.

The other three pieces are mounts that lock into the back of the mount.  They can be rotated for vertical or horizontal orientation and then snap back into place.

Mounting the holder on handlebars is super easy. Simply use two of the supplied rubber O rings to secure the holder to the handlebars. The elastic bands may be removed quickly and easily if you want to take off the mount at any time.

There are two more mounts that can be applied to almost any surface with the adhesive backs. All you have to do is clean the surface, peel off the paper protector to reveal the stickum and push the mount firmly against the surface. Now you can snap on the mount containing your device, and you have your device ready to use in a convenient place.

If you ever want to remove the mount, just apply heat from a hair dryer, and it will come right off without any fuss or muss.

It's a great system for mounting your device in a vehicle or on a wall or in your office work space. With the bike mount, you can attach your devices to a bicycle, motorcycle, or exercise machine. The mount can also be used on prams, in airplanes, golf carts, boats, and ATVs.

The Quadlock kit is an ingenious mounting system that solves the problem of securely attaching your device to a variety of surfaces, including cars and bikes.

Now I can ride my bike knowing that my pocket pal is not going to go flying the first time I hit a bumpy spot. I can navigate, talk on the phone, and listen to music in peace.

 If you visit the Annex website (www.quadlockcase.com), you will discover there an adapter for iPads and for tripods. It's a pity that there is not a universal holder that could accommodate other devices. I would certainly make this a project if I owned the company.

Incidentally, the Quadlock system is a Kickstarter project, and it always pleases me when I hear of a success story like this. In case you don't know about Kickstarter, it is an online place where people can post a project and ask for funding. Folks like you and me visit the site, and if they like the project donate whatever they want toward its success.  There is no expectation of a return other than the satisfaction of knowing you helped launch a business venture and have thereby improved the economy in a small way. Check it out at www.kickstarter.com.

The Quadlock kit costs $69.95, and is worth every penny because of the peace of mind and versatility it provides. You can grab one here: http://www.quadlockcase.com/cart

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