Pyle Universal Waterproof Case for all Tablets


Let's face it, a little tablet computer is a fairly sizeable investment that is always in danger of getting drowned, crushed, and scratched to death. It's a good idea to protect your investment with a rugged case to shield it from damage.

However, most sturdy cases I've seen are bulky, ugly, and looked as if a crocodile swallowed your device. This is not so with the trendy, handsome Pyle waterproof case.

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It will withstand submersion up to depths of three feet for 30 minutes. It offers impact and scratch protection as well. You can hear sound from your speakers through it just fine. The touch screen operates seamlessly through the protective case.

You can even plug your 3.5 mm jack into it. There is a mount included that will allow you to attach it to many surfaces for even greater convenience. Cameras work fine through the case as well.

Did I mention that it is a universal case that works with all iPads, eBook readers, and tablets, all of which are really tablets anyway. However, something that accommodates an iPad might look a little silly housing a Kindle Fire, but that's up to you. It's still good protection.

One can be yours for $97.50, a slightly hefty price.  But I've seen them for about half price here:

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