Pure Gear Offers Fun Retro Cases for iPhone 5

Nearly everyone has played games on a phone. But how many of us have used a phone case to play games? Now you can, with Pure Gear’s Retro Game Cases ($29.99)Have fun while you protect your investment with these three retro game cases.

The Amazing is red with a blue back, the Groovy is blue with a green back, and the Undecided is yellow with a pink back. Each case has a different game.

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The Amazing is a maze with a small steel ball that you must navigate start to finish by only tipping and tilting the case.

The Undecided has a ball that you shoot from the right side. Pins divert the ball like a pinball machine. At the bottom left, it says NO. On the bottom right, it says YES. Ask a question, shoot, and it will give you the answer. Fun.

The Groovy will drive you crazy. The field has concentric circles with some breaks. The idea is to get the three little balls into the very center of the playing field by just tilting the case.

I remember these kind of games. Sometimes they were prizes in Cracker Jack boxes. You could get them at the dime store. Sometimes there were small ones for key rings. But who would have thought they would become part of a sophisticated piece of equipment like the iPhone. Pure Gear has integrated the old with the new for a practical and fun purpose.

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