Pogo Connect Bluetooth Smart Pen for iPad

Normally I would call this fantastic drawing instrument a stylus, but, it is, in fact, so much more. I'm not sure that "smart pen" even covers it.

This amazing, unique instrument reminds me of a skilled Japanese artist with a single brush making characters of various widths or creating an image of a fish in a single stroke. The pressure sensitive tip responds to hundreds of levels of pressure for control of line width and opacity.

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You can even rest your palm on the screen while drawing or writing without any problems unlike other digital marking instruments.

An LED light on the side of the pen barrel indicates the color of ink you are using.

The patented technology behind the Pogo is extensive. What can it do for you? It activates with the tiniest force for incredible touch  sensitivity. It works at all angles and requires no calibration. There are no moving parts to worry about or to wear out so that it is totally reliable.

About the only things that will need attention are the replaceable magnetic tips and a single AAA battery. The battery draw is minimal giving it an astonishingly long life. You can turn it on and forget it. The battery will last for months. Draw whenever you wish. Never worry about battery charging.

Now hear this. It transmits a signal so that you can always locate it if it gets lost. Just tract it with your iPhone.

This amazing device works with virtually all IOS products. Unfortunately, it does not work with any other operating system. I certainly hope this will be remedied in the near future because it is such a remarkable device.

A Pogo Smart Pen would be a welcome gift for any IOS person and a perfect stocking stuffer.  This remarkable device will set you back about $80 normally, but it is a pleasurable and productive investment. You can get one here for only $73.01:  http://bit.ly/W3qMUS

It is a pleasure to see the stylus coming back. I missed them from the old Pocket PC days. But they are so much more sophisticated now.

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