X-Doria Dash Icon 13” MacBook Air Case Features New Designs

When I think of X-Doria, I immediately picture its signature cases and covers adorned with hearts, Xs, and Os. But X-Doria has other designs as well. I received a 13" MacBook Air case for review from X-Doria, and its design looks like an overlapping field of envelope flaps in light and dark blue. It is a departure from the company's "Share the Love" Valentine’s collection I reviewed in February.

This new Dash Icon MacBook Air Case ($59.99) is called Blue Waves. 

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It has a dual layer design for extra protection against bumps, spills, and scratches. Snap your MacBook into this sleek, snug designer case for an attractive shield against the perils of the outside world.

The decorative upper lid features a textured fabric cover over a polycarbonate shell and bottom half. It comes in your choice of blue or maroon.

From what I can see, the Dash Icon cases aren't widely distributed yet, because they are so new. I did, however, see one on eBay. It appears MacBook cases are a whole new venture for X-Doria. Until now, the company has specialized in cases for smaller devices such as iPads and smartphones.

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