New VoIP Adapter: free calls forever


Lose your landline, lose MagicJack. Get OBi100 VoIP adapter for $39.99 and make FREE calls over the Internet forever. It kinda bugged me when MagicJack raised their rates by 10 bucks a year to a captive audience this year. Well, here's something you can do about it. Get an OBi100 unit.

The Obi100 phone adapter plugs into your router for Internet connectivity. Then it makes calls using an interface like Google Voice. Of course you have to configure it to your Google Voice account or another service such as Sipgate, so it's not quite plug and play. But that's not a big deal.

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All that remains is for you to plug in your landline phone, and you are in business. I'm not sure, but it's possible that if you plug it into your landline phone jack it will be available on all your phone extensions throughout the house. I haven't used a landline or the phone extensions in over ten years. But it might be a convenience for some people.

The only problem is that I understand Google Voice will no longer have free calls after 2012, so you may wish to shop around for another service before you do your set up. Here's an article that might be helpful: 60 Free VoIP Services.

However, one drawback is that there are no 911 emergency calls available with this system. The system features caller ID, call forwarding, three-way conference call, anonymous caller blocking, and voice mail. I'm not certain if it has a blacklist feature for blocking telemarketers with which I get plagued constantly.

Another negative to VoIP I should point out is that when your Internet goes down or your power goes off, you are without phone service, which may be when you need it the most. However, I'm sure most people also carry a mobile phone, so no problem.

Unlike MagicJack, with OBi100 after the initial purchase price, there are no monthly or annual fees. That means free local and long distance calls for life. I'll bet you're thinking that the initial purchase price is going to be hefty to compensate for free calls forever. Well, surprise, surprise! You can buy it right now on Amazon for the same price as the old MagicJack of $39.99 on sale. The normal price is $59.99. And $39.99 is $10 less than the lowest price I've found elsewhere. Check it out on Amazon.

Since it is over $25, I believe that there is free shipping. Such a deal! I can't imagine why anyone would pay for a landline this day and age. Last time I checked it cost something like $39 a month, and here is a service that costs the same but it's free forever after that. Go figure. 

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