New Trent iCarrier Charges iDevices On-the-Go

It’s a powerhouse, but compact. Just throw it in your bag, and when you need to charge one of your iDevices, plug it in, and you’re good to go. It’s called the New Trent iCarrier ($76.95).

Of course, you have to charge the iCarrier first, and it comes with an AC adapter for that purpose. Once the 12000 MAh battery pack is charged, it will extend the operating time of just about any device you plug into one of its two USB ports.

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In addition to the battery pack and the AC charger, it comes with a micro USB cable for Androids and other devices. It also has a male/female USB cable extender. Strangely, it does not come with Apple cables, but you can easily supply your own in order to charge any iOS device.

LED lights on the side of the unit indincate the power remaining in the battery with a one-to-three light system. One light means the battery is low. Three lights means its fully charge

According to the manufacturer, New Trent, the iCarrier will extend talk time on a smartphone by 45 hours. It will extend movie watching with speaker as much as 50 hours. It can extend Internet browsing an additional 30 hours on 4G and 45 hours on Wi-Fi.

New Trent makes other charger models as well, including the iDual ($32.95), the Easypac ($41.95), the NT120T ($69.95)iGeek ($59.95), the iZen iPad Battery Case ($79.95), Portable Power Max ($77.04), and the EasyPak ($49.95)

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