Musubo's New Chamfer Case for iPhone 5

Musubo's new Chamfer Case for iPhone 5 ($24.99) has a chamfered edge treatment for a simple yet classic design. Ok, so who knows what a chamfer is? I do, but only because I took wood shop in 7th grade. We learned how to make a chamfer by hand, creating a beveled edge where two wood pieces at a right angle met. While it takes some skill and practice to do it by hand, now of course there are all kinds of power tools that will do it for you.

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Musubu's sophisticated-looking case has a brushed metal finish and comes in your choice of five colors including pink, black, blue, white, and red — something for everyone’s taste and mood. You may even want to get more than one to suite your temperament and attire.

To me, the case's biggest selling point is its horizontal built-in kickstand. Now you can use it to compose your next novel (with an external keyboard), play games, and watch your favorite movies.

Of course it has full port access, all properly fitted. It feels good in your hand, not like it’s going to slip out when you’re not looking, and it looks good too. Home run, Musubo.

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