The Rhinoceros of Cases — New Ballistic Tough Jacket for iPad mini

If you have a new iPad mini, you most likely want to protect your investment. I can't think of a better, more stylish way than the new Ballistic Tough Jacket ($59.99). It's the rhinoceros of cases.

The Tough Jacket gives you three layers of the strongest protection on the market. The Ballistic Corners give added protection on all the corners for extra shock absorption.

The inner layer is made of tough silicone for shock absorption. There is an impact resistant layer of hard plastic. And finally a shock absorbent polymer layer.

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There is a front cover to protect the device during transport. The cover can be removed, placed on the back of the case, and can serve as a kickstand for viewing videos, playing games, and other activities.

Even with the cover removed and the unit laying face down flat on a surface, the screen never touches the surface because of its engineering.

You have several colors to choose from: all black, black and white, black and red, and black and pink. This bully boy case gets two thumbs up from me. It's better than a bouncer or bodyguard to protect your pride and joy.

The asking price for the Ballistic Tough Jacket may seem a little exorbitant at $59.99, but what is protection for a valuable device worth? However, I've seen them for as little as $42.

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