I miss the stylus from the old Windows Mobile days. These new touch screens can be difficult for accurate typing, drawing, and pointing. A stylus is much more precise. When the iPhone first came out, I used to call its users nose miners. Ah, the good old days of yore.

Anyway, I'm back in business. I just acquired a magnificent MagicWand by MediaDevil that would make Harry Potter envious. While it's not an Elder Wand made at Alivans, it's a super pointer that improves typing accuracy immeasurably.

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Its handsome design sports a dull, black metal barrel with a pocket clip and an attachment for a lanyard at the top. It also comes in red and measures 4 3/8 inches long. The business end is like a squishy rubber eraser, but it doesn't erase, and erasers don't work on capacitive touch screens, so don't even try it.

While the box says Apple iPad and iPad 2, it works just fine on tablets and on my Android. In fact, it works well on all capacitive screens.

But what do you do with a stylus on a machine that doesn't have a silo like the old Windows Mobile phones had? MagicWand has solved the problem in an ingenious way. At the end of a short 2 inch lanyard is a harpoon shaped point that fits snugly into any 3.5 mm ear plus port on your phone or tablet. It's easy to extract, and it's great for keeping track of your stylus

What would you expect to pay for such an indispensible tool that puts the fun back into mobile computing? The best price I found was just under ten bucks.

I no longer leave home without my MagicWand. In fact, I also keep it close at hand at home or office 

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