iWalk Link Thin Rechargeable Backup Battery Dock

As batteries for mobile devices get better, it seems the demand on them gets greater with more apps running in the background, downloads, and playing movies and music. Talking on the phone is almost incidental, but it's nice to know you have a backup when you are about to run out of power. That's where the tiny, thin Link 1000i rechargeable battery dock comes to the rescue.

The Link 1000i is made specifically for iPhone 4/4s and iPod touch devices with the proprietary connector that plugs into the bottom of the device to get you going again with a 1000mAn boost. There's nothing like have a spare gas can in your pocket when you need it. This little booster won't take up much room either. It's the smallest one I've ever seen measuring approximately 1 x 2.25 x .5 inches and weighing less than a hummingbird.

In the box, you get the unit itself with a white protective cover for the connector and an spare gray cover. There is also a micro USB charging cable and a warranty and manual.

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To charge it, simply connect the battery to a power source via the micro USB cable and wait until the LED indicators signal a full charge. Then all you need to do is plug the connector into the bottom of your device, and you're good to go.

The battery will extend talk time about 3.5 hours with a standby time of 84-126 hours. It will give you an extra 16 hours of music and around four hours of video.

That's about all there is to it--simple and elegant, practical and life-saving. Who would want to leave home without one? The only problem I see is that it is so miniscule it could easily get lost.

How much does the refueler cost? The manufacturer's recommended retail price is $39.99 and that's what you'll pay on the Website: www.iwalkusa.com. It comes in your choice of seven different attractive colors to suit your mood. Incidentally, I saw a white one on eBay for only $19.99.

By the way, iWalk also offers a classy line of cases and other backup battery solutions. Check them out while you're visiting.

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