iTrip by Griffin: The Perfect Road Trip iOS Accessory

Here’s a gadget you should take on your next road trip or drive to work. The iTrip by Griffin Technology is an FM modulator that allows you to listen to music over your car speaker system from your iPod or iPhone. It will charge your device at the same time.

Here's how it works: Plug your iPhone into the iTrip device and start playing music or an audiobook. You then set your car radio to a certain unused FM frequency. The modulator acts like a mini FM station and transmits your sound to your car stereo and it comes out of your car speakers.

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It works surprisingly well and is a handy gadget to have along. I recommend it, but then I’m a big fan of Griffin Technology products all the way around. You can pick one up for less than $25 here.

This device is meant to be used with the iTrip Controller App available for free in the App Store. Actually, with this device, you can pair up with any FM radio. It doesn’t have to be in your car.

Griffin has teamed up with Aha by Harman that delivers your favorite content to your iPhone and organizes it into personalized, live, on-demand stations. Aha even reads your social feeds to you. So all your favorite stuff is just a tap away. When you connect iTrip to your iPhone, Aha adds an easy-to-use iTrip Controller interface to its options.

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