Introducing Wally for iPhone

I have to say, I’m impressed. I’ve certainly reviewed my share of cases to the point it's hard to show me anything new I haven't seen. But Wally ($39.99) is indeed something new.

Wally is a handsome genuine leather wallet or perhaps really just a pocket that attaches to your iPhone. It will even attach to most cases if you feel the need for a case. It comes in brown and black.

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It will accommodate your most important credit cards and business cards and hide them out of view until you need them. When you want something in the wallet, just pull the red tab, and out they pop. What a clever design. It has a cutout so it won’t block your camera.

All you do is reveal the stickum on the back and press it on your phone. It comes off easily if you need to remove it, and it comes with an extra sheet of stickum.

If you don’t want to be burdened with a bunch of credit cards, use an app to scan them into your phone. A good one is Lemon Wallet. I also like eWallet and KeyRing.

But when you think about it, why even use credit cards at all? We should all be using something like Google Wallet. Whoops, I forgot iPhones don’t have NFC yet. But when it comes, you will be able to wave your phone at vending machines, credit card scanners and make your purchase or send money to friends and pay your bills without checks and pesky credit cards that get lost and stolen.

Believe me, it does happen. I had four credit cards, my health insurance card, my library card, and my driver’s license stolen about four months ago, and didn’t realize it until several thousand dollars in charges had accrued. When I was pulled over by a cop, I didn’t have a driver’s license to make things worse. Now all that stuff is in my phone.

Anyway, Wally is an attractive attachment to your phone and will afford you an extra pocket. They cost $39.99, and you can get one here. Here’s a short video that illustrates how it works.

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