Ibattz Mojo Classic 1500mAh Black Removable Battery Case for iPhone 4/4S

The fact that iPhone does not have a removable battery has always been a bit of a deal breaker as far as I'm concerned. What if you run out of hunk midflight? What if your battery goes bad, and you have to send it back to the factory? This is a costly inconvenience that can put you out of business. What is Apple thinking?

Now enter Ibattz with its removable battery case. Not only does this case offer added protection as a side benefit, but it actually allows you to run your phone from a rechargeable, replaceable 1500mAh battery.

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That is, you can swap out the internal lithium ion battery for another. You are only limited by how many batteries you carry with you. They are inexpensive and readily available.

This unit comes with a standard USB micro charging cord for gassing up before you leave. Your phone quickly snaps right into the case and connects to the auxiliary battery.

The auxiliary battery gives an extra 240 hours of standby time and another six hours of talk time. You will get around 7 hours of Internet time, 44 hours of music playback, and 11 hours of video playback. The battery can be recharged up to 500 times before it needs replacing.

Normally, the retail price for this don't-leave-home-without-me unit is $59.95. But I have seen it here for only $38.46: http://bit.ly/UWLoRW

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