How to Extend Your Wi-Fi Signal with the Satechi Mini Router

If you'd like to extend and intensify the Wi-Fi signal from your router, the Satechi Wireless Multifunction Mini Router/Repeater is an easy solution. How much would you expect to pay for a nifty little unit like this? While it usually retails for $49.95, Satechi is currently selling the device at the discounted price of $39.95.

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My router is in my home office, and by the time its signal travels to my TV on a different floor, its intensity is not as strong as I would like it to be. To remedy the situation, I configured the wireless mini router and plugged it into the wall near my TV. Now I get seamless streaming from Netflix and other video services. I especially enjoy surfing the web on my large TV screen.

Thanks to the mini router, now there’s not a room in the house that doesn’t get superb Wi-Fi reception. This router is ideal for video streaming, video games, and Voip calls.

The mini router is ideal for travel or working outside in the garden. I know I never leave home without mine.

This unit features WMM, bandwidth control, port forwarding, dynamic DNS, and firewall security, It will run on almost any platform including Windows, MAC, Netware, Unix, or Linux. It also has WPS wireless security encryption with the push of a button.

The setup is supposed to be simple, but if the truth be told, it is a bit of a bother, while certainly doable.


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