Hold it Right There: Prizm


They come in pairs, look like a new form of Japanese Ninja throwing knife. In fact, if the edges were sharpened, they might well function as such. Each piece has a slot that when fitted together properly become an attractive stand for  digital devices.

These innovative device holders are called Prizms by Hub Innovations and come in two sizes. Most device holders are kinda clunky, but not the Prizm.

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The larger size works well for iPods and 10 inch Androids in both landscape and portrait positions. Unfortunately, it only works in the horizontal position for Kindle Fires and devices with a seven inch screen.

You would think the company would have anticipated the flood of 7 inch screens coming on the market and with a slight modification accommodated them as well. Oh well, no doubt they will rush to market with a new holder for seven inch screens and their sales will soar. So, maybe they know exactly what they are doing.

Then there is the smaller size designed for handheld devices of the Android, Windows, Blackberry, and IOS ilk. It will accommodate phones, MP3 players and GPS devices in both horizontal and vertical positions.

Made of aluminum, these stands are lightweight and perfectly portable for a compact stand on the road. Besides their functionality, I find them extremely attractive with a pleasing form and design.

Wait, it gets better. The Priszms come in several anodized colors: green, blue, pink, purple, red, yellow and black as well as premium metals like 14k gold, antique brass, antique copper, antique nickel and carbon fiber.

Prices range from $24 to $35. Prizms are available at www.hubinnovations.com. While you're there, check out some of Hub's other innovative products.

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