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I just returned from a road trip that was made more pleasant, productive, and convenient thanks to Arkon's versatile line of mounting products. It seems they have anticipated every mounting problem for digital devices possible and have solutions to suit your needs.

Whether you need to mount an iPhone, Android, or other Smartphone, Arkon has the answer. If you need to mount an iPad or tablet PC, Arkon can help you in the front seat or the back seat so the kids can be entertained.

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I like to use my iPod and Android as GPS devices while driving. Arkon to the rescue.

Usually when I go on a road trip I take my bike with me, and I mount my iPod on the handlebars so I can listen to music while pedaling. I also like to use my Android phone for GPS. I was able to mount both devices no problem. Also, they were mounted safely and securely so I didn't have to worry about their flying off the mount whenI hit a bump.

I tried something new this time. I loaded my tablet PC with a GPS app for navigation with a larger screen. I was concerned that the tablet would be too heavy for a window mount, and I didn't like to give up a cup holder. It certainly wouldn't work with the mount that plugs into a power point or cigarette lighter. So, I got the floor mounted model. It was an easy installation that involved removing one of the seat bolts on the floor of the car and bolting the foot of the Arkon mount to it. A few turns of my ratchet handle, and I was done.

My biggest problem was removing all the equipment from the car every time I parked and went somewhere. Last year I was in Albuquerque, New Mexico, which I suppose is the crime capital of the Southwest. Innocent and trusting me, a guy from Idaho, I left all my toys in the car overnight. In the morning two windows were broken and all my toys had been taken. I guess that was a pretty stupid thing to do, but now I'm more careful and have less faith in humanity.

OK, so what does Arkon offer to solve your mounting problems?

First there are the suction cup window mounts that allow you to place your unit just about anywhere that is safe and comfortable for you. Using the stickum base, you can use this mount on your dashboard as well. It can be yours for $17.95

Another universal mount is the Mobile Grip Deluxe Mini Windshield and Dash mount with its low profile and adjustable mount that rotates 360 degrees for only $14.95.

There is another similar system that comes with an adhesive base for more permanent installation that also costs $14.95

If you like a mount with an 8.5 inch flexible neck, go for the mobile grip flexible windshield and dash mount for $17.95.

If you can spare a cup holder there is a convenient mount that fits into one of your cup holes for $19.95. But I'm not about to give up a cup holder spot.

I already mentioned the seat bolt floor mount system for tablets. You can also get one for Smartphones for $24.95. No doubt the mounting head can be switched for accommodating a phone or a tablet.

For tablets, Arkon has a variety of mount choices. The universal tablet windshield mount has a telescoping arm with 360 degree rotation for $39.95. There are a couple of floor mount choices ranging in price from $39.95 to $89.95 for the heavy duty model with three joints.

It sure is easier to travel with kids these days with their iPods and iPads. For back seat mounting, Arkon offers a deluxe universal tablet headrest mount for $34.95, which fits between the front seat headrests. The other choice is a universal tablet headrest mount that attaches to the back of a front seat headrest for $39.95. The universal tablet holders can be used with or without cases, by the way.

Let's not forget about Kindles. Arkon provides lots of mounting solutions for the Kindle Fire from a travel stand to a desk or countertop mount to window mounts, floor mount, and a headrest mount varying in price from $17.95 to $39.95. They even offer a carrying case for the Kindle Fire, which is a must have for protection from bumps and scratches while on the road.

Let me also point out that these same mounts can be used in boats and planes, motorcycles and prams. There are also GPS mounts and camera mounts available from Arkon.

Thank you Arkon for making my journey safer and more convenient. Please visit the Arkon website at www.arkon.com for pictures and prices of all their accessories.

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