Griffin WoodTones Earbuds

I have to say, the Griffin WoodTones Earbuds ($29.99) are a class act. They remind me of the wooden dashboard in a Rolls-Royce. Each set is unique because they're made of real wood. These handsome buds come with a convenient drawstring bag for stowage, ear pads in four sizes, and control/microphone on the cord. You can use the microphone to control your iOS device and speak commands to Siri, which is very cool and will make you feel like a powerful ruler, the King of Cyberland.

While the phones work fine in any output device with a 3.5 mm jack, the mic and buttons function on Apple devices. The cable is four feet long. This fine set offers a marvelous listening experience with enhanced midtones and bass. I am pleased to give them two thumbs up.

Here are the specs:

Driver Diameter 8 mm

Frequency Response 20-20K Hz

Impedance 16 Ohms =/- 15%

Sensitivity 103 =/- 2 dB 

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