Griffin Moto TC Racer

Griffin has a whole stable full of remote control toys, and I love it. Today let’s take a look at the little Moto TC Racer ($39.99). It’s a small remote control race car measuring about 6-inches long. It’s sort of a motorized Tonka toy.

This one is just for iPhones and iPod touch devices. It comes with a controller, which you wed to your iPhone/ipod with a 3.5mm cable. Then you download the free app from the App Store. Turn the volume up full blast, and the dock will start sending infrared signals to the car.

You also will need four AA batteries for the controller dock, which are not included.

It’s lots of fun to drive, and you can control the vehicle in a couple of ways. You can steer the car by moving the dock controller, or you can use the app's touch screen on your device like a virtual joystick.

I could waste a lot of time playing with this cool little toy. 

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