The Griffin Beacon Remote Control


The Griffin Beacon is a universal remote control for IOS devices. You can pair an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad with the unit via Bluetooth. The Beacon then converts the signals to Infrared to transmit to your TV.

After your devices are paired via Bluetooth the next step is to download the dijit app from the iTunes store. It's free. The Beacon's Bluetooth range is about 30 feet. It will stay connected for about 60 minutes and reconnect when you move back in range.

After 60 minutes, Beacon switches to low power mode to conserve battery life. Note that you can check the battery level in digit's Settings mode.

To reconnect, you must go through the Bluetooth pairing process, which is quick and seamless.

Now it is possible to use your digit app to connect and control your TV, Blueray or DVD player, your DVR, your Slingplayer box, or perhaps and old VHS--any device that accepts Infrared signals.

There you have it. The Beacon is a slick way to connect and control all of your devices remotely via one or more IOS units.

One can be yours for $52.49 or less.  Click here:

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