Griffin’s SeeSaw for iPad Perfect for Classroom

Griffin Technology is certainly a source of innovative accessories for the digital world. This time, it’s my pleasure to review a clever stand known as the SeeSaw ($34.99), available for the iPad 2, 3, and 4th-generation.

It’s a pyramidal, rubberized case the holds an iPad securely for individual or group viewing. It would be great for presentations to small groups.

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The fact that it’s hollow behind the screen suggests one could use it as stowage space for cables, speakers and other small peripherals. Otherwise, it’s not collapsible and therefore not the most portable gadget.

While it would take up a lot of space in a suitcase, it does have a handy handle in the back for convenient grabbing and carrying from place to place. Griffin suggests it as ideal to use in the classroom for videos, apps or e-textbooks.

There are allowances for all of the necessary buttons, ports, and camera, which is commendable. It is designed for use in both landscape and portrait mode, which I appreciate too. It comes in your choice of pool blue or citron. I finally figured out that an indentation in the back is for holding a stylus, which I also applaud.

It says it works great with the Quizzam app. What’s a Quizzam app? OK, I looked it up. It’s an app for classrooms that allows teachers and students to interact over a network for studying, review, and exams. It can turn teaching into a game. Sounds like more fun than when I was in school.

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