Ferrari Noise Cancelling T350 Headphones

The iconic car maker Ferrari has teamed with Logic3 to produce a line of high quality listening devices. As you might expect the elegance and quality are the result, particularly with the top of the line Cavellino T350 headphones.

These headsets feature hand crafted metal arms that attach to the most comfortable earphones you can imagine with breathable leather casings.

The packaging is worth noting because it is to classy with a beautiful black box sporting a slide up lid that reveals a cover with a pull ribbon. When you open it, it looks like a picture frame. In fact, I may mount it on a wall and place a valuable artifact in it for display.

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Inside the framed box is a nice case with rounded corners and a carrying handle on top. Zipping it open reveals the treasure: the headphones in their full glory with a net zipper bag in the center. Inside the zipper bag are three pairs of 3.5 mm male/male connecting cables with woven casings so they do not tangle. One of the cables has on/off and volume controls this is for IOS devices. Another cable only has an on/off switch that works with Android. The other cable is just plain with no controls.  

There are also two adapters included, one for standard amplifiers, and one is to plug into airplane sound systems.

Technical specification:

Type: Active Noise Cancelling (ANC)

Apple 3 Button Mic Remote: Yes - On Apple Version

Detachable Cable: Yes

Folding Design: No

Driver Size: 40mm

Speaker Impedance: 32 Ohms

Frequency Response: 20-20,000Hz

Distortion THD: 1.5% at 1KHz 1mW

Speaker Sensitivity: 110dB at 1Khz 1mW

Cables: 3.5mm to 3.5 and Apple Mic Cable

Cable Material: Woven Fabric

Accessories: 6.3mm Adaptor, Airplane Adaptor

Carry Case: Yes

You have your choice of black or tan leather. The manufacturer's suggested retail price is $481, which is a might pricey, but what you expect for a set of this quality from the prestigious Ferrari brand. So, if you can't afford a Ferrari right now, you could at least get some Ferrari headphones in the meantime. These luxurious headphones are a treat and promise to provide possibly the best listening experience imaginable. They are the Carnegie Hall of Headphones. They are, after all, the Ferraris of Headphones.

Visit the Ferrari Store:

By the way, I saw a pair on eBay for only $345.00:

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