Edifier's New Exclaim e10 Dual Amp Speaker System

Edifier is a company with a mission and a vision; it produces superb performance speakers with creative, innovative, tasteful styling at a reasonable price.

The latest addition to the family circle is the Exclaim e10 with truly unique styling. The bi-amped system is housed in a black orb with a slanted speaker stick extending upward for about a foot that makes a dual set of sculptures or works of art on your desk or in your home.

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These speakers can be used with your desktop in your office, with a portable laptop or tablet, or even an MP3 player. Here is a superb set of speakers for everyone and every need, unless you are rock band giving a concert at the coliseum.

I was impressed with the quality tonal balance at every sound level. I was unable to detect any distortion whatsoever. These speakers are designed to address full internal DSP (Digital Signal Processing) and DRC (Dynamic Range Compensation). The engineering is superb.

Each speaker boasts its own internal amplifier with 36 Watts RMS power radiating to six internal active subsidiary speakers. Each unit also contains 2 passive radiators with midrange tweeter s and two supplementary passive radiators for deep bass with high performance from the woofers.

You are truly in for a most pleasing sound treat as well as an attractive design. Some people may well wonder what are these unusual objects. I could imagine seeing them displayed in a modern art gallery fetching a huge fee for the designer.

The speakers connect to each other and to your sound source device with 3.5 mm cables that are included. Each speaker has a volume control on the side.

I was amazed to learn that the price is not even a hundred bucks for the powerful, faithful sound generators. They are listed at only $99.99 here: http://bit.ly/U8L946   

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