Eco Extreme Speaker

Pick your color: black, yellow, blue, green, or pink. This sturdy waterproof speaker case will serve you well in wet circumstances. Personally, I use my in the hot tub, but it would be great for fishing, boating, skiing or wherever there is the possibility of water damage to a digital device such as an MP3 player, iPhone, iPad, Android or other phone with audio output.

Two hefty latches with button locks on the right side secure a gasket seal tighter than a coffin. Inside a compartment measuring 6 1/4 x 3 1/2 inches will accommodate just about any digital device you want to tuck in there.

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An elastic edged net secures the device to keep it from slipping around inside on the left. Or it could serve as a storage pocket On the right there is a battery compartment that requires three AA batteries for power. Batteries last 30 hours. On the right top is a powerful, 2 inch, waterproof speaker. There is also a cable that attached to a 3.5 mm jack on your device.

The shockproof polycarbonate outer shell forms a floating, waterproof case with a flat bottom that serves as legs for standing upright. At the top is a 2" carabiner clip for attaching to a lanyard or making the unit secure so it doesn't float away.

While you should not expect stereo symphonic sound, the audio quality is certainly acceptable while sitting in a boat or a hot tub or while working in the garden.

This accessory could save your bacon or at least your digital device. I am please to give it a high recommendation.

Protecting your pocket pal does come at a price, and the prices I've seen vary dramatically  from as high as $89 to as low as $38. You can even buy them used or refurbished on Amazon for as low as $28.

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