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On the box, it says, "Keep Cables on the Table." This unique cord organizer will help you keep the plethora of cords we all end up with more manageable. I look forward to the day when we can go completely cordless, at least that's my dream. But, in the meantime I am grateful to the Metal Cordie by Quirky.

It's one of those, "Why didn't I think of that" inventions. It's simplicity of design and functionality put up right up there with the invention of the wheel.

It consists of four rubber posts on a metal pad to hold four cords between them. It keeps your cords separated, available, and easily accessible.

If you don't need to pull the cord out of the holder, you can actually double the amount of cords it holds if you snake them through the central hole of each post and then bring one out of each of the four sides on each side.  In this way, in will accommodate eight cords.

I'd say it is one of those no-brainer must-have gadgets you'll wonder how you did without. In fact, you should probably have more than one to reduce cord clutter.

The heavy metal base gives substantial weight and solidity so that it doesn't migrate all over your desktop. I might say that I find it rather attractive. They come in your choice of black, white, blue, and pink.

So, for a mere $14.99, you should grab a few for yourself and to use as stocking stuffers. Your friends will be grateful recipients and think you are very clever for finding such a useful present.

Get them here:

Metal Cordies was developed and is marketing by a creative company called Quirky. Anyone is free to submit an idea (invention) to Quirky for development consideration. Quirky publishes it on its Website and allows visitors to vote on it.

The most successful or popular ideas then go into development. The whole process usually take a couple of month to run full cycle before reaching market. Quirky then handles all the marketing as well. None of this costs the developer a cent. Quirky takes care of it all. Is that a good deal or what?

You may wish to dust of some of your wonderful ideas and submit them to Quirky. Who knows what could happen.

For instance, Metal Cordies was invented by Stephen Stewart. It was 28 days in development. At this time, it has been on the market for 387 days and sold 16,509 units. That's about a quarter of a million dollars in gross revenue--not too shabby.

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