Review: Braven 850 Wireless Speaker

If you’re looking for something a little larger with greater resonance than a mini speaker, you may want to consider the new Braven 850 Bluetooth wireless speaker. It makes a great desktop or bookshelf speaker. It could also function as an auxiliary speaker for your TV sound system. It would also be good for sporting events, camping or boating trips, or in the garden.

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Because it has a built in microphone, it can also work as a hands-free communication device in conjunction with your Smartphone. With the advent of an incoming call, the program running on the speaker pauses and is resumed when the call has terminated.

The speaker measures 9.5 x 2.75 x 4 inches and weighs about 3.5 pounds. Its 8800mAh battery gives about 20 hours of playback time, which is one of the best I’ve reviewed so far.

The Braven 850 is the latest speaker in an evolution from smaller units. This robust model pumps out room-filling fidelity of the finest quality. For an even better stereophonic effect it is possible to daisy chain speakers together for a great upper register with a powerful midrange and an excellent overall dynamic range. The SRS feature can cause a slight buzzing under certain conditions. But without the SRS feature turned on, the sound quality can sound a little flat in comparison. The difference is quite amazing.

All the control buttons are easily accessible on the left side of the unit, and the charging and input ports are located on the back. The sleek case is made of polished aluminum with black plastic sides. Overall, it’s a handsome presentation that is an asset to its surroundings.

It can be connected to any Bluetooth device as an input source. It works seamlessly with all iOS devices but has no connector other than a 3.5 mm jack for audio input and a USB port. The wireless range is about 30 feet, which is typical of most Bluetooth speakers.

It only comes with a silver case, costs $299, and can be purchased from the manufacturer’s website here.

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