Bracketron Offers New Tablet Window Mount

Bracketron's Universal Tablet Windshield Mount ($39.99) is the first mount I've tried that sticks straight to your dashboard. Sometimes I’ve wished I had a window mount for my tablet, but I'd never seen one before. Instead, I got a floor mount, which works fine but is more difficult to see than a window mount. 

Bracketron's mount works with iPad, Kindle, Playbook, Galaxy Tab, Motorola Zoom, and Archos. I’m sure it would work with all devices because the clips that hold the unit are adjustable and therefore universal. It is designed to fit devices ranging from 4.5- to 7.75-inches wide and from 5.5- to 11-inches tall.

I was concerned about vibration, because my floor mount chatters around somewhat. But I was pleased with Bracketron’s construction—vibration is minimal or negligible. It will adjust so you can extend the unit or retract it to adjust the distance from you. It also swivels 360 degrees to suit your orientation preference. 

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You can mount it on your dashboard as long as there's a surface where the suction cup will adhere. I also worried about the mount coming loose and my tablet crashing down. But so far that has not happened. It may in colder weather, but we’ll have to wait and see as summer is upon us.

The suggested retail price is $39.95, but you can get one on Amazon for just $25. Just don’t watch movies while you’re driving. 

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