Bracketron Cycle and Golf Cart Mount

I ride a recumbent bike and love it, and I enjoy a little music and navigation along the way. To have access to a phone or tablet while riding, you need a good handlebar mount that won't jettison your phone on the first bump. Bracketron has come to the rescue, offering a secure mount that holds your device firmly.

This mount serves not only as a bicycle mount, but also for motorcycles and golf carts. It is easy to place on any handlebar or rail with a quick mounting adjustable strap. On top of the strap is a ball socket that swivels and rotates with a screw tightener. The actual mount slips into a T groove for easy removal.

The device is secured between two well-padded arms, holding it in place securely. Two padded feet on the bottom swivel into position for the device to rest on. The arms ratchet out far enough to hold devices as much as 4.5 inches wide.

The suggested retail price for this mount is $29.99, but you can get one here for only $9.96:

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