Aviiq Portable Charging Station

Whether you are a mobile road warrior or you just like to keep your charging cables organized, this portable charging station is a must have.

The charger delivers from an AC outlet and comes with a converter that plugs into the charging hub, which is a separate unit. It will also plug into a USB port for charging your devices.

There are four USB ports. Three of them are for charging only, and the fourth, if plugged into a computer will sync whatever device is connected that particular port.

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It all comes attractively packaged in a sturdy, but attractive black canvas zipper case. Inside, it accommodates both the AC converter and the charger hub. There are four pockets into which coiled cables may be stowed out of the way. There are also pockets for devices such as iPods and phone. The case measures approximately 5"x10", and will tuck away in a computer bag or suitcase for travel convenience. Note that there is a retractable USB cable that can be pulled out of the charging hub and retreats when not in use.

It will also charge laptops and tablets. It eliminates the problem of having to tote clumsy chargers for each device.

Given the choice between this charging solution and some of the universal cordless units, I would prefer this one offered by Aviiq. It solves the problem of cable clutter, but still allows you to have access to the cables. Sometimes you need cable for the car, your laptop, and for wall charging. It would be a mistake to leave the cables at home if you need to sync, unless you can do it wirelessly of course.

I will never go on the road again with this useful item safely tucked into my bag. It would make an ideal gift and stocking stuffer for Christmas.  At $79 it is an affordable price for the convenience it offers.

Two thumbs up for this portable charging solution.

Here is the link to see a photo, video, and to order: http://www.aviiq.com/pages/portable-charging-station



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