AOC 16" USB Portable LED Monitor

Every once in a while I get a gadget I can't wait to tell everyone about. That's the case with the AOC 16" portable USB powered monitor. It's a road warrior's dream come true with its light weight and portability. It works with both PC and MAC.

Once you have installed the appropriate driver, you just plug the provided USB cable into a port on your laptop and the other end into the mini USB port in the monitor, and bazingo, you are in business. For low power laptops, the supplied cable has two USB plugs and you simply use both to get the required power level.

I am disappointed that it just mirrored what I had on my laptop screen. I was hoping for a dual screen arrangement because I'm used to working with a triple screen setup in my office. After a quick perusal of the manual (as a last resort) I found it is possible to toggle the screen settings to just the laptop, just the monitor, mirror image, or extended screen. In the extended mode, you have virtually dual monitors with different displays that you can drag windows back and forth.

Alas, it didn't work with my Acer netbook. But I'm not surprised. That is the worse excuse for a computer I have ever encountered, but I won't get into that other than to say I do not recommend that product.

I am however, a happy camper and absolutely delighted to have the dual screen capability on the road with my Toshiba laptop. Now I have not only a large display, but a dual display. It doesn't get much better than that.

Not only does the monitor have multiple display modes, but it also has the ability to swivel from landscape to portrait mode. There is a foldout stand in the back that swivels and locks. You can also vary the tilt angle.

I do have a couple of negative observations. I was hoping it might have built-in stereo speakers, but no such luck. But I suppose that's like saying I hoped it would also make ice cream. The observation is that it did not have as bright a resolution as my netbook screen, but I blame that again on the Acer. Connected to other computers, the screen is dazzlingly bright. I did find that the monitor wears down the laptop battery fairly quickly, but the problem is easily resolved by plugging in the power supply.

Here are some specs

TFT Color LCD Screen
16" Screen

262K Colors

Plug and Play

Height 9.16 inches

Width 14.6 inches

Depth 1.4 inches

Weight 2.3 pounds


There is an optional protective case, which is an excellent idea, but it doesn't come with one, which is too bad.


I had no problem watching Netflix and YouTube on the monitor. It's wonderful to be able to drag windows back and forth between the two screens. I can be writing a document on one screen and doing research on another screen. It's like having a big boy office on the road. So cool.


By the way, when I'm not using it on the road, I use it in conjunction with my desktop monitor array, and it gives me a forth monitor that is crystal clear. It's a pleasure to have the extra real estate available when needed.


For the price ($129.95), you can't beat it. Check it out: 

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