ADOPT the Cushion Wrap Case for Your iPhone 5 [review]

ADOPTED is the name of an innovative case company that produces loveable products you want to take home with you. The company philosophy is that customers should have the same feeling about incorporating technology accessories into their lives as they do about interior design and clothing. 

What’s so lovable about ADOPTED products, you ask? Well, just take a look at the iPhones cases stacked up in the photos. There is no doubt, they are classy and make your iPhone look distinguished and sophisticated, setting it apart from the quotidian cases so rampant out there.

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The ADOPTED Cushion Wrap case ($49.95) pictured above is a sturdy, well-studied combination of nonconductive metal and rugged but lightweight polycarbonate that snugly encompasses your phone with a protective but attractive shield.

The way it feels in your hand is unique as well. The padded texture of the leather wrap case is luxurious, non-slip, and snuggly.

There is a wide array of style and color choices with new ones always on the horizon. For this reason, you may wish to match your phone case to your outfit just as you would shoes or a bag.

The suggested retail price is $49.95. You can find one on Amazon for just $19.95.

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