4 Port Aviiq Portable Charging Station


Are your charging cables like a nest of snakes all tangled and impossible to keep organized? Are you a road warrior who could use a portable charger with a massive battery than can handle almost anything? When you do go on the road do you tear your hair out trying to find the right cables you need to take with you? If you have any of these issues, listen up.

What you need is the Aviiq Portable Charging Station. It has four USB ports into which you can plug your charging cables and keep them tidy and organized ready for instant use. With the patented cable rack system, the cables are neatly stored away, plugged into the docking station, and ready for instant use.

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Now you are ready at home or on the road to charge any of your devices whether it be an iPad, Netbook, desktop, iPhone or Android phone or tablet. It will handle them all with a more than ample 5200mAh battery that stays charged almost forever. When you do need to charge the battery, it only used a single wall plug instead of four different outlets for four different devices. As you know, at an airport or public place, competition for an outlet can be fierce.

The whole package, battery, four port USB hub, and cable rack system comes in a leather zippered case that measures approximately 5.25 x 11 inches that will tuck nicely into your bag for travel or stow away discretely out of the way on your desktop until needed.

I can honestly attest that this is the best charging system I have ever had the pleasure of using at home or away. I like to use it at home in my TV room where plugs are at a premium. I always have the cables I need handy and I can charge my devices conveniently without having to hunt for cables, wall chargers, and a spare wall plug.

In my book, this is a must have accessory that you will wonder how you lived without one. It would make an excellent Christmas gift for your gadget prone friend or family member.

I know it may seem pricey with a street value of $169, but think of the convenience, the organization, the huge charging battery, and the pain goes away. Yes, there are other chargers and cable organizers out there, but none like this with such a humongous battery and none with built in hub and cable organizer system. This is the Ferrari of all chargers. Go here to see a picture and grab one here while they last: http://bit.ly/UXxwRu. I'll bet people will be scrambling for these for Christmas.

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