Warning: do NOT try to apply this cover to the iPad 3!

I dedicate a complete article to warn possible victims of the following case as the eBay seller, while completely aware of the case not fitting (this is why he's raised the price from some 5 UK Pounds to 99 to avoid anyone purchasing it), didn't really send out e-mails to his customers telling them NOT to try to put the given case on iPad 3's.


After purchasing my iPad 3 on 23/03 (the very day it arrived in Finland), I've immediately ordered several cases so that, having decided which to use, later, I can stick to one or two of them. One of them was THIS one ("CRYSTAL CLEAR GLOSSY HARD SHELL BACK PROTECTIVE CASE COVER FOR APPLE IPAD 3"). Note the excplicit "iPad 3" compliance claim in the name.

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Having received it yesterday, I've immediately applied it on my iPad 3, only to find out it isn't for the iPad 3 but the (leaner) iPad 2. Three of the corners fit but the fourth couldn't.


That's where the problems started. I could in no way remove the case from the three corners. It took me half an hour and extensive use of a knife to remove the very stiff case from one corner (making way to, then, easily remove it from the others). During this, I've also scratched my iPad, drastically redcing its resell value, should I resell it. (Fortunately, I generally don't resell any stuff like this - I prefer handling them down to my wife and other relatives.) In addition, I've also hurt my finger.


All in all, do NOT apply the case! You may get in severe problems!

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