Tidbits: AirPlay, editing videos of the Videos app, advanced exposure locking, AAC recording etc.

Let me present you with some links to my (more important) posts of the last 24 hours at user forums I'm also very active at all around the Net. I, while, generally, incorporate information I find out / post in user forums in later, larger roundups with a much broader scope, I don't generally dedicate a separate article to questions I answer for users.

HERE, I've explained how one can edit (unprotected) videos synched via iTunes to the stock Videos app with Avid Studio. (The vastly less capable iMovie, along with several other video editos, can only access the Camera Roll and, therefore, can't directly edit videos sychronized as true movies.)

HERE, I've explained that, while it's no longer possible to stream audio / video content to (non-jailbroken) iDevices (because Apple has recently removed Airfoil Speakers Touch), how you can still send audio to it from your desktop – even with the video sent to elsewhere. Speaking of jailbreaking and AirPlay, you might wonder whether the iOS version of AirServer is as capable as the Mac OS X version (or, for that matter, the AppleTV). Nope – it can't render true mirroring (that of the iPad 2/3 and iPhone 4S), “only” true multimedia content. In this regard, both the OS X version of the same app and, of course, the ATV are far more powerful.

HERE, I've reported on the test results of the currently available AppStore-based camera enhancer apps, among other things, for their exposure lock capabilities. I've found the following: of the video recording-capable titles, FiLMiC Pro and BetterCam have the most powerful exposure lock / setting interface. KingCamera and SloPro, on the other hand, can only lock the current exposure, in which they're decidedly worse than FiLMiC Pro and BetterCam.

I've continued the evaluation of the current audio recorder applications, on the compression support of which – tersely – I've earlier elaborated HERE. I'll post a full roundup soon; for the time being, if you need the most optimal (storage-friendly) AAC compression (while maintaining high-quality audio), go for either Top Secret Audio Recorder or Notability. (The latter is still(?) on sale for $1. I don't know if and when its price reduction ends.) In addition, if you'd really like to make Top Secret Audio Recorder indeed top secret, you'll want to make use of the free Cydia tweak, “SB Hidden Statusbar”, which hides the red status bar of the app on both the lock and the SpringBoard screen. (See yesterday's, dedicated update HERE.)

HERE, I've explained how you can stream the audio of any (unprotected) video to AirPlay receivers (including the Apple TV) using third-party apps (for example, GoodPlayer) supporting audio playback of videos, via AirPlay mirroring, even after minimizing. All this without jailbreaking!

HERE, I've thoroughly tested drawing applications on the iPad 1, connected to my Apple TV, to find out whether they support not only TV out via the HDMI / VGA adapters, but also AirPlay. Of the tested (several) applications, I've only found the (otherwise) excellent ArtStudio for iPad to be supporting the (wired) HDMI / VGA output. However, it doesn't work over AirPlay. I've talked to the developers of the app; unfortunately, they won't add  AirPlay support now that the vast majority of active iPads are both AirPlay mirroring-capable, meaning no need to provide explicit mirroring support on the programmer's behalf.

I've updated my continuously-updated Cydia Compatibility List with some CPU usage reports (see today's update HERE), reflecting to a MacRumors thread and some common misconceptions about the CPU (and, consequently, the battery) use of the absolutely essential “f.lux” app (see dedicated article HERE)


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