REVIEW: Photo Info – at last, EXIF information and map location for images (iPhone only)!

I'm seriously into shooting both stills and videos (no wonder I'm a regular poster on several imaging forums) and have dedicated several articles to, among other things, storing / reviewing EXIF, including geolocation, information in stills shot.

So far, it was impossible to display the EXIF information of images in the Camera Roll. All you had a big map under the Places tab, where you needed to find your current shot, which in some cases (you don't exactly remember where it's been taken AND you have several photos on your handset) was impossible. The ability to review EXIF info? To quickly look up the location of a given still shot? All painfully missing from the built-in, stock Photos app. All you could do was using third-party and, in most cases, non-free apps like Apple's iPhoto (with its, in many cases, useless, OpenStreetMap-sourced map) or (the, for this reason, pretty good) Photo Manager Pro. This, however, requires you to use third-party apps, sometimes with the additional hurdles of having to import the image to the app (which may take a lot of time) before being able to check out its EXIF / location. (See my dedicated article HERE on all this.)

For the Cydia community (that is, only for JB'n devices!), a brand new, free(!!) tweak, “Photo Info”, has just been released, which helps all this. A Cydia screenshot:

(click for the original-sized version!)

Note that this shot has been taken on the iPad, with which the app is (at least for now – version 1.0) is incompatible with. You will, for the time being, NOT want to install it on your iPad because you not only won't see the info icon (see below), but will also crash Photos in many occasions. Only install it on your iPhone / iPod touch! I'll let you know if and when it receives iPad compliance; make sure you subscribe to this article so that you surely get notified. (I'll surely not devote to a brand new article to the update.)

After installing the tweak (and auto-respringing the device), when viewing images in Photos, you'll be presented an info icon in the lower right corner of the screen. In the next screenshot, I've annotated the icon:

Just tap it to see the EXIF info. An example (all EXIF info in a series of screenshots):

If you tap “Location” at the top of the list (annotated in the first screenshot in the series above), you'll be shown the exact location of the shot:

All in all, this tweak is a must for every serious shooter. Now, you can check everything right in the stock Photos - for example, right after taking a shot, via only some 2-3 taps (remember: you can immediately, with one tap, access Photos from the Camera app. You can't do the same with, say, iPhoto). No need to waste time on starting iPhoto or other apps to do the same any more.

UPDATE (11/Oct/2012): the brand new, 1.1 version fixes the iPad incompatibility and also adds other EXIF data. An example screenshot on the iPad 3:

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Master your iPhone in one minute a day:

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As you can see, as with the iPhone, you need to tap the new "Info" icon to get the info.

UPDATE (06/Nov/2012): version 1.2 is discussed HERE.


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