New, 3.7 version of excellent multimedia player "It's Playing" is here!

It was only an hour ago that I've mentioned version 3.7 of “It's Playing”, one of the best (see THIS for my previous report) multimedia players for iOS, to be soon hitting the AppStore. The player has hit the store shortly after my posting the article.

The update list is as follows (click for a larger version!):

As you can see, as I've also mentioned in my previous article,

- both VobSub and, absolutely uniquely, Blu-ray subtitle support have been implemented. The importance of this can't be stressed enough: from now, you don't need to recognize subtitle text in MKV's you rip from your DVD's or Blu-ray discs with MakeMKV. Actually, with BD dics, you don't need to do any kind of conversion at all. The latter, so far, have been impossible as no iOS player was able to render native BD subtitles, only the earlier and more common DVD-specific “VobSub” ones. (My dedicated article on all these subtitle issues, OCR'ing etc.)

- the playback of 1080i60 MPEG-2 content (for example, recorded ATSC digital TV broadcasts in the US in their original format) is pretty smooth (previous versions, including 3.6, were useless in this respect) – almost as good as that of yaPlayer (see THIS for more info)

- the MKV 3GPP (textual) subtitle bug I've elaborated in my previous, version 3.5-specific article has also been fixed: MKV subtitles are no longer displayed for two seconds only. (An example of this: the standardized Monsters test video has a subtitle entry "I just got us into a little place called Harryhausen's" between 00:00:21,437 and 00:00:25,774; that is, spanning slightly more than 4 seconds. The new version correctly renders this.)

This means you no longer need to remux to MP4's (M4V's etc.) if you had problems with subtitles only being displayed for two seconds, regardless of their original length.

- the generic playback speed and performance has indeed been greatly enhanced with most video types (WMV, MKV etc.)

All in all, this player is an absolute must. If you want something vastly superior (DSP's (again, check out my previous article on why they're so important), non-iOS-native file playback, bitmap subtitles, gesture-based rewinding/fast forwarding, network streaming etc.) to the built-in Videos player, you definitely should get it. It, in addition, (still?) supports AC-3 audio – something that is becoming increasingly rare in the AppStore. Just make sure you backup all versions, should the support be removed some time in the future, should you need to play back truly AC-3 content (non-converted MKV's, ATSC broadcast recordings etc.)

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