New, 1.1 version of iPhone 3G S Video Enhancer out with source code!

New version (1.1) of iPhone 3G S Video Enhancer uploaded to Cydia, with the following changes:

- CameraRollValidator.plist and MediaValidator.plist are now granted a+w in the app delegate, which means you may not end up having to use iFile to set permissions manually, which means you will be able to play back the high-resolution videos right on your phone, and not only on a desktop computer. (This was missing from v1.0; see the related discussion HERE)

- I've reworked the previously iPhone 4-specific help text (third tab) and the label (first tab)

- I've completely changed the right picker column on the first tab; now, it offers far more data rates (from 30kbps to 25 Mbps). Note that the maximal data rates are computed automatically, based on the value you set (five times the value set). Now the first tab looks as follows:

Switching to an entirely numeric column also means greatly simplified code as, now, a simple is sufficient to decide whether a standard data rate is stored in the system plist file (437500 by default; this is why it scrolls there when first run). Switching to storing simple NSNumbers in the array also means the elimination of any switch-case constructs used up to now.

I've also updated the online sources - feel free to download them to see the changes.

Feedback, bug reports are more than welcome! Do ask me if you have ANY questions and don't panic if you get any error messages (remember: as it's pretty close to the hardware, it needs to change system permissions, which, in cases, may not work), my program will NEVER render your phone useless and, even if, for some reason, you won't be able to record videos any more (which is highly unlikely!), you'll be easily able to restore that capability without resetting the entire device!


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