iPad (and iPhone) Web browsing news

Now, with the first beta version of iOS 4.2 and its in-page text search in Safari I've been waiting for, I can finally publish the online version of the iPad / iPhone Web browser bible I promised almost a month ago.


As the first (main) step, I've uploaded the updated chart to http://www.winmobiletech.com/sekalaiset/09202010iOSWebBrowsers.html , which, now, also incorporates all the changes in the new browser versions. Of particular interest is Aarde Browser, which become from a definitely not recommended title to a quite recommended one, thanks to the full army of new features; for example, Google Suggest, full screen and so on. Atomic, iBrowse and iCab have all received some add-on goodies; for example, iCab now has previous/next in-page text search, in which it's the best browser currently available.


The full article will soon (in about two days) follow.

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