The iOS (iPad + iPhone) Web Browsing bible will soon be published - here's the main chart!

I've been very busily working on my Web browsing-specific article for the iPhone Life Buyers' Guide. To back up my printed article on the Web browsers, I've found it necessary to update the main chart of my main browser comparison and feature chart. It's available at .

As you can see from the bottom-most „General verdict?” row, I (still) recommend iCab Mobile the most. There are only few areas when some of the competition is better - e.g., Atomic at saving website-specific charsizes, which is just GREAT; or Journey and iBrowse, which, thanks to their – otherwise pretty restrictive, serial-only – tabbing mode, has a far more robust memory model with far less crashes on the iPad when you open more than three or four tabs.

As I'm in the middle of a very exhausting iPhone / iPad programming lecture (I'm the lecturer, of course), I don't think I'll have any time to publish an explanation for the individual rows this week. However, if you've been reading my Web browsing-related articles (and my PDF reader-specific one at, you'll find an answer to almost all your questions there until the full roundup text body is published. As usual, it'll be far more thorough than anything else ever published on the subject.


As usual, comments are welcome.

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