Gaming and major sale news (11/27/2009) - UPDATED!

1. I’ve added a video of Line Racer by inXile Entertainment, a line racer game, which received Wi-Fi / BT local multiplayer support some days ago. TouchArcade discussion HERE; I especially recommend THIS mini-review .

2. As far as multiplayer game sales are concerned, Warfare Incorporated (the excellent RTS) is at a $1 sale – go get it! So is SlotZ Racer, which, along with Orions, I’ve found worthy to be the only one title to be included in the (otherwise, wireless-only) Multiplayer Bible.

3. My full, recently-released, brand new multiplayer guide has been considered worthy enough to be included in the “User Reviews” section of TouchArcade (see THIS).

4. Speaking of new TA reviews, there’s a nice user review of Battle for Wesnoth (see previous update) HERE. THIS frontpaged, official Rogue Planet (an excellent TBS also highly recommended in my Multiplayer bible) review is also worth reading.

5. You may want to urgently (some of the sales end today) check out THIS TouchArcade list of the games currently in sale. In this (and previous) post, I’ve already listed the multiplayer titles on sale; however, the full list (which has single-player titles as well) contains some other, nice stuff; most importantly, C64 (review HERE) for $3 (as opposed to the regular $5). (I’m still happy I purchased it right after being released in September because I can still play hacked games under version 1.0. With version 1.1, as far as I know, no one has managed to find out how hacked games can be added.)

UPDATE (11/27/2009, somewhat later):

1. MiniSquadron (iTunes link), one of the best multiplayer retro 2D flight shooters, is also at a $1 sale. Don’t forget to get it if you’re into the genre – you’ll like it. (Also see my video HERE and TouchArcade’s article HERE; dedicated thread HERE)

2. The Line Racer (inXile Entertainment) video (see previous post) is HERE.

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