Gaming and major sale news (11/25/2009)

1. Gameloft, in addition to Blades of Fury, has made some other multiplayer-enabled games $1 for the holiday season; all of them well worth this price:

Real Tennis 2009 (iTunes link)

Shrek Kart (iTunes link)

Note that there are some other single player titles too; please see THIS for more info. The following single-player titles are on sale:

Castle of Magic ($1.99 -> 99¢)

Terminator Salvation ($4.99 -> 99¢)

Brothers in Arms – Hour of Heroes ($4.99 -> 99¢) (ouch! I’ve paid some $7 for it back in March!)

BTW, speaking of single-player titles, EA also runs some sales. Not as outstanding as those of Gameloft (titles are only up to sale at 50%); nevertheless, well worth checking out if you like their titles. See THIS for more info. Among the titles, there are some multiplayer ones too:

FIFA 10 ($9.99->$6.99)

Monopoly ($4.99->$2.99)

Command & Conquer ($9.99->$6.99) (this is promised to receive multiplayer support some time)

Their single-player titles on sale:

Wolfenstein RPG ($2.99->$1.99)

Surviving High School ($2.99->$1.99)

Auditorium ($2.99->$1.99)

Command & Conquer ($9.99->$6.99) (again, this MAY get multiplayer some time)

NBA Live ($9.99->$6.99)

Mystery Mania ($1.99->$0.99)

Madden 10 ($9.99->$6.99)

Boggle ($2.99->$0.99)

The Sims ($6.99->$4.99)

Tiger Woods Golf ($4.99->$2.99)

SimCity ($4.99->$2.99)

Tetris ($4.99->$2.99)

Need For Speed Undercover ($4.99->$2.99) (some half a year ago, I’ve paid $10 for this…)

IUGO, celebrating the release of A.D.D. (see THIS for a discussion), also has a black friday sale. The following multiplayer titles are on sale: Star Hogs ($4.99 => $2.99) and Cliffed ($1.99 => 99¢), both nice ones (and a lot of single-player ones; for example, the highly recommended Toy Bot Compilation / Diaries). Please see THIS for a discussion.

2. It seems (fortunately) there is a constant flow of turn-based strategy titles for the iPhone - Battle for Wesnoth has just been released. Please see THIS for additional info / the TouchArcade story; dedicated thread HERE. Note that it has some performance issues – most people state it only runs on the 3G S without major speed problems. I’ll post my remarks later.

3. Still speaking of turn-based strategies, Rogue Planet has also been released and is an excellent title I’ve purchased right away - also as a "thanks" for their excellent, earlier titles: 1112 for the iPhone, Fade for Windows Mobile and Acedior for Palm OS. BTW, speaking of 1112, the developers have told me they've been working on the long-demanded Episode 2 for two months. Hope it indeed gets released soon - based on the excellent quality of Ep 1 (and Fade on Windows Mobile, which 1112 is based on), it will surely kick some serious butts.

I’ve also posted a multiplayer demo video of it HERE. Please see THIS discussion; there, we’ve been discussing, among other things, strategies to missions. TouchArcade’s first impressions are HERE.

Again - all of these titles (except for the just-released Battle for Wesnoth) are elaborated on in my recently-published Everything you’ll ever need to know about multiplayer games - consult it for more info on each of these titles.

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