Excellent stock Photos tweak Photo Info receives Maps support

I've heartily recommended (article) the (jailbreak-only), free(!) Photo Info tweak for anyone using his or her iDevice as a camera: it makes it possible to quickly review the EXIF information, including the GPS data, of a shot you take, without having to transfer / import the shot to an EXIF/mapping-capable third-party application like Photo Manager Pro – something painfully missing from Apple's own stock Photos app.

Before the just-released version 1.2, it was only able to show the location of the shot using its (small) map. With the new release, this is no longer the case: you can make it using the built-in, stock Maps app with all its goodies (routing etc.). (Note that I haven't tested it under iOS 6, as it still doesn't have untethered jailbreak - and the tethered one doesn't work on any new, A5+ model.)

Just do the same as in the previous versions; that is, tap the info icon. There, a, compared to the initial version, new menu item will be presented (annotated by a red rectangle below), “Show location in Maps App”, which shows you the location in the stock Maps app, along with the coordinates in the upper right text input field:

Tapping the new menu item takes you to the Maps app (here, I annotated the pin placed by the app):

Speaking of the pin, as is also explained in the version 1.2 update description, you need to explicitly enable placing the pin on the map. To do this, just tap “More” in the dialog window of the tweak. I've also annotated this in the first screenshot above. In the new dialog, just enable the “Search Location” switch as is shown in the next screenshot (also annotated the switch):

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If you don't enable this switch, the tweak will show the environment but won't pinpoint the location. All you'll have is the fact that the original place of the shot will be in the exact center of the screen.

Finally, the update list (Cydia screenshot):

Note that the list mentions “Camera app support”. I don't really know what this means: it doesn't put new icons / buttons (unlike, say, CameraTweak – see THIS) in the stock Camera app to, say, check out the shooting parameters (ISO, GPS coordinates etc.) of the just-taken shot without even having to switch to the Photos app by touching its icon in the lower left corner. I'll update the article if I find it out.

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