Ever wanted to watch Vimeo and the like on your iPhone? Now you can!

Is the big empty area in the upper half on the left of the following screenshot familiar to you?

Would you prefer seeing something like the following:

…and also being able to watch the video?

Now you can – assuming your phone is jailbroken. If it is, all you need to do is

- starting Cydia and entering the http://d.imobilecinema.com source

- then, finding iMobileCinema and installing it:

After this, some (but not all!) Flash-based video services will work.

I’ve made some thorough tests (please check out THIS for more info on the test video links I’ve used). Based on them, the compatibility rate is WAY better than Flash Lite 3 on Windows Mobile or Symbian.

I’ve tested the following services (+ denotes compatibility; - denotes the lack of it):

Atom.com: -


Break.com: -

imeem: -

indavideo: -

PornoTube: +

RuTube: partial (only the video that was posted as an answer was played, not the main one)

sevenload: -

ShowMeDo: -

Tudou: +

Twango (now Nokia Share): -

viddler: -

Vimeo: +

Yahoo Video: +

Note that blip.tv and YouPorn have iPhone-friendy, mobile interfaces allowing for native playback and the format of Internet Archive (IA) is also compatible with the iPhone not having this plug-in. Also note that, if you install the plug-in, ALL Flash content will have a crossed play icon (as is the case with the Flash content in the right of the second screenshot above); if you dislike this, don’t install it at all. Or, alternatively, consider installing SBSettings or BossPrefs and the according interface to quickly en/disable the plug-in – or, alternatively, if (temporarily) losing YouTube support isn’t a problem, switch off the Safari plug-ins in the system-wide Settings applet, under Safari / Plug-ins. This not only disables this plug-in, but also the YouTube one – and only in Safari. There’s, currently, no way of disabling these plug-ins in iCab Mobile, by far the best third-party browser. (Incidentally, if you haven't already done so, make sure you read my Web Browser bible, THE one and only real resource of EVERYTHING Web browsing-related.)

Also note that there are plug-ins for both SBSettings and BossPrefs (the two most popular ways to quickly en/disable functionalities or fine-tune the iPhone without having to issue several taps in Settings); these are the second and the third in the following list:

Don’t forget that, as is also explained in the Multiplatform YouTube bible and THIS Apple.com thread, you can also use automatic trnscoding services like vTap. It's working just great with the iPhone and is able to search and transcode videos for a great number of Flash-based video sites. Just navigate to vtap.com from Safari, search for your videos, let vTap transcode them (it takes 1-2 minutes) and, then, play them back. Note that the interface is entirely Web-based and, therefore, a bit more awkward than that of a native iPhone app. Nevertheless, it's perfectly usable. This is fully independent of this plug-in.

Finally, the homepage of the project is HERE.

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