Creating PDF files from images

In Apple's own support forum, while answering (link) a question on how PDF files should be created from images from the Camera Roll of the device, I've tested quite a lot of PDF readers / editors for iOS - basically, the ones I've elaborated on in my Ultimate PDF Reader Roundup (link) and some more. Here are my findings:

PDF readers supporting creating PDF files from images:

PDF Reader Pro (Yuyao; link; $6) (can convert single images only - that is, it can't include more than one source image in a single target PDF file!)

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PDF Reader (Kdan Mobile Software; link; $5) (several in one! Just follow the built-in help at “i” icon at the bottom left > PDF Scanner)

PDF Reader Pro (iTech; link; $10) (multiple export; tap the “Scan” icon at the bottom center, tap the film cartridge icon in the bottom left; tap all images you want to import; when you're finished, tap “Make PDF” (second icon on the bottom left)

Readers that don't support the conversion:

GoodReader (for iPad)
QuickOffice Pro HD
PDF Comrade
iPDFReader by Tatvasoft
PDF Juggler
PDF Viewer
DocsScan HD
PDF Reader
Easy PDF
File Viewer
iRead PDF  (Aji)
iAnnotate PDF
DocAS Reader
Adobe Reader

Crashes under iOS 5.1.1:

Quick PDF+

NB.: as I've also explained in the thread, many apps natively support PDF output. For example, Apple's own “Numbers” is not only able to export / mail PDF files from inside the app (unfortunately, there's no “Send to” inside to transfer the file to another app inside the same iDevice – this has always been a problem), but also do it textually – as opposed to just making a screenshot of the current screen and making a PDF of it by accessing the screenshot in the Camera Roll in a PNG->PDF-conversion capable PDF.

A screenshot of Numbers asking for the export / mail / upload file format (it's there that you need to select PDF - I've annotated the PDF export icon with a red rectangle; click the image for the original-sized version):

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