A brand new Web Browsing Bible will soon be published!

Just with the recent, full update of my Multiplayer Gaming Bible (see THIS), I’ve been working on a brand new, up-to-date, way more comprehensible version of the entire, old and now, completely outdated iPhone and iPod Touch Web Browsing Bible.

So far, I’ve finished updating and heavily extending the new chart (it’s HERE; for comparison, the old one, dating back to June, is HERE). Most of its contents are final (there may be some changes I’ll do) and it also has the same dynamic column hiding mechanism I’ve first implemented in the chart of the Multiplayer Gaming Bible. That is, if you untick a checkbox at the top, the given column (here: they belong to browsers) will be completely hidden. You will frequently want to do so as I've listed and compared no less than 25(!) Web browsers for the platform.

I will hopefully be able to publish the new version of the entire article this weekend. However, in the meantime, feel free to scrutinize (and comment on) the new chart. It has a LOT of new and great information.

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